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You don't have to enroll at a four-year college in order to get prepared for a great career. Nevada's community colleges, trade schools and vocational institutes do a good job of preparing young adults to enter certain career paths.

While community colleges typically allow students to earn an associate's degree, or provide them with two years of college coursework that they can then transfer to another college, trade and vocational schools work on preparing students to enter a new line of work.

Vocational schools don't "waste time" by forcing students to take general education courses that don't directly relate to their upcoming profession. These professions are typically in the skilled trades and service sector, including careers such as plumbing, electrical work, construction and appliance repair. See if a trade school is right for you.

Another field that some trade schools are offering is basic culinary arts. While most professional chefs spend some time at a culinary school, some trade schools are providing basic coursework as well. These classes can give the young person a good idea as to whether or not they are suited to a career as a chef. Learn more

If you do decide that college is right for you, one college major to consider is animation production. The internet, television and film industries are all seeking more and more animated projects. Most animation is produced via software, so this is where much of the training is centered. Find classes and schools that offer this.

Outside of Nevada, you can find schools in southern California or western Oregon.


Classroom tools and university education scenarios (integrated with good quality professional lessons).
Nevada online degrees in addition to a couple of decent education and learning selections are now available.
Extra course possibilities to try to find degree programs in career fields that include computer technology, marketing, interior design, and sociology.

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